Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms Or Toilets?

Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms Or Toilets?

Which pontoon boats have bathrooms? Find out in this article. For those who already bought a pontoon boat without a bathroom, we’ll also share some handy DIY solutions.

If you’re in the market to buy a pontoon boat, or perhaps you’ve booked a vacation trip on a pontoon, you might want to know whether there is a bathroom on board.

The majority of leisure-market standard-sized pontoon boats have enough room under the Bimini to set up a changing curtain, behind which a porta potty can be positioned. However, these boats do not come equipped with built-in toilets. Larger pontoon boats, like Party Huts and Party Cruisers, will have built-in heads where portable toilets can be added.

Here’s how to add a toilet to your pontoon boat if it doesn’t already have one to help you ensure that everyone has a good time.

Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms?

Most pontoon boats lack restrooms and/or lavatories. Even though these are the largest boats on the market, only a small percentage of the most expensive, premium pontoon boats have bathrooms. Fortunately, adding a bathroom and even a private area is a simple do-it-yourself project for the boat owner.

Jumping into the water might be the simplest option for some people when they need to go, but it’s not always the preferred one. Even if you can get away with this while doing your number 1 business, things are different when you have to go for number 2.

A portable toilet can be installed and a curtain can be raised under the Bimini top in some smaller models. Some larger models have heads integrated into them. Only larger and more expensive pontoon boats will have a separate room for a bathroom.

Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms Or Toilets?

Most pontoon boats on the lake won’t have enough space for a real bathroom. The installation of a unique, custom-made bathroom will help you still get past this issue. Everyone on the boat will be able to enjoy their time for however long they want to thanks to this.

Which Pontoon Boat Models Have Bathrooms?

Let’s begin with pontoon boat designs that have a bathroom. Only larger boats typically have this feature, as we discussed in the introduction. That means your pontoon will be quite expensive, so budget or save accordingly.

  • Harris V270

The Harris V270 from the eponymous boat manufacturer is a tritoon that looks more like a speedboat. In other words, it is completely opulent. Your pontoon will be among the largest on the water, measuring 270 feet in length.

However, let’s talk about the bathroom before we discuss the boat’s many posh features. There is a shower in addition to a toilet. Because these facilities are uncommon, try not to become too spoiled. You don’t even have to take a cold shower because the shower and accompanying sink have their own hot water tanks.

The marine head toilet has a private chamber and a pump-out so no one can see you use it.

  • Southland Pontoon Boats Hybrid Recreational Vessel (HRV)

Okay, I’ll admit it: riding in a Southland Pontoon Boats HRV is like residing in a tiny apartment on the water. Not only is there a bathroom, but you get a shower, sleeping quarters, a dining room, and even an impressively large kitchen.

Definitely a complete rarity. You might no longer need to leave your boat if you’re one of those people who hates to do so. The HRV weighs 5,000 pounds, so just be aware that this is yet another large boat. Its exterior and interior are both excellent due to its double-decker design.

  • Southland Mistral

The Mistral pontoon boat, another standout from the Southland line, does not include a toilet when it leaves the showroom. But the dealer can customize a Mistral for boat buyers who want one on board. For simple, hassle-free operation, the additional toilet comes equipped with a waste and freshwater tank by default.

Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms Or Toilets?

Why It’s a Good Idea to Have a Bathroom on Pontoons?

Of course, having a bathroom on a boat or installing one there might be more convenient for you than anything else. There are, however, a lot more justifications for installing one.

Kids and the Elderly

If you’re never without your kids, or if mom and pop want to tag along for a family boat ride, an onboard portable toilet just makes sense. We can’t all just hold it in until we get back, and those nagging nature calls can easily drown out the fun. You won’t have to stress about making the long trip back to shore before the fun is over thanks to the toilet on your pontoon boat.


For a party or camping trip, a pontoon boat is an ideal location, but when the food and alcohol start clogging the plumbing, things can quickly turn sour. If you want to make your pontoon boat fully equipped for those fun-filled family and friend parties, a portable toilet and privacy curtain might be all you need to keep your guests bopping all night long or ’til the break of dawn.

Medical Conditions

If you or someone in your family suffers from a medical condition, then a portable toilet is a no-brainer. On-board portable toilets simply make things easier and more comfortable for everyone, whether it’s a regular need to empty the system or a case of motion sickness from all the ebbing.

How to Set Up a Bathroom on Your Boat?

People enjoy themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without the conveniences of modern life. You need access to food, rest, and a bathroom if you plan to spend a lot of time on your pontoon boat.

You might be able to get a pontoon boat with a bathroom if you’re renting one for a trip with your family or friends. The experience will be more comfortable overall if you’re traveling with a large group because the majority of larger pontoon boats will have a designated bathroom area.

Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms Or Toilets?

The lack of room for the holding tank prevents the majority of pontoon boats for personal use from having bathrooms. However, by using a portable toilet or portable bathroom, you can still solve this issue and design a unique bathroom area.

A portable bathroom must be purchased and installed for this do-it-yourself project. It’s a great investment if you have the space to set it up, and will definitely add to the value of your pontoon boat if you want to sell it in the future. If there isn’t a bathroom on your boat, follow these instructions.

Set Up a Changing Room

The good thing about portable changing rooms is that they’re easy to set up and take away. Wherever you want to put your bathroom, you can purchase a premium privacy shelter or changing room and place it there. Verify again that you have enough space available in square feet to make this work.

Since the majority of these changing rooms are intended to be used outside, the fabric will be UV-resistant, ensuring the changing room’s durability. Even though these rooms aren’t particularly large, if you don’t have a place to install a tank, they would be a useful alternative.

Setting up a changing room where you can keep your portable toilet is exceptionally straightforward. However, if you anticipate sailing in windy conditions, these rooms must be secured. This might work for you if you plan to use your boat on the lake.

Buy a Portable Toilet

Once you’ve chosen the ideal location, you can install a portable bathroom to make sure everyone is at ease. There are many models available, so be sure to choose the best one.

Make sure the tank is large enough, and look for a model that can withstand being used by many people in the most demanding circumstances. You won’t have to worry as much about emptying the tank as a result. Since the majority of these toilets are made to accommodate the entire family, they will be a great investment.

Conclusion: Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms?

Do pontoon boats have bathrooms? There aren’t many bathroom-equipped pontoon boats on the market; the majority are probably considered to be upscale pontoon boats. Rarely do they have a toilet and a shower, but when they do, they usually do.

Instead, invest in your own portable toilets and privacy drapes so you can respond to nature’s call in the middle of those enjoyable boating days.


Can You Sleep on a Pontoon Boat?

Sleeping on a pontoon boat is absolutely possible and, in fact, you can get pontoon boats that have cabins and are generally considered hybrid pontoons/cabin cruisers. Many of these boats look like small houseboats and feature some remarkable amenities including a sun deck on top of the sleeping quarters and more.

What is the Point of a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats are used for pleasure on lakes and rivers, and in some cases on oceans close to shore. Tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding are examples of pontoon watersports. Common pontoon accessories include an inflatable slide, diving board, sunshades, and bimini tops.

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