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8 Best Ladders for Pontoon Boats in 2022

To get the most use out of your pontoon boat, a great ladder is essential. We list the eight best ladders for pontoon boats in this article so you can choose the one you prefer.

It’s entirely different to get back on it. One of your greatest pleasures may be jumping off your boat into a sparkling blue sea, but getting back on board by your fingertips is probably anything but. This is exactly why a good ladder comes so in handy.

Children, the elderly, and some people who are not physically able to climb a boat find it easier to get around with the right boat ladder. Even some states have passed laws requiring boaters to have this item on board.

Since there are so many ladders for pontoon boats available on the market, most buyers may find it challenging. This review will help you choose a trustworthy one that guarantees convenience and safety. From these suggestions, choose the boating item that has the features that are most useful to you.

Best Ladders for Pontoon Boats

Extreme Max 3005.3380 Pontoon Ladder

Extreme Max 3005.3380 Pontoon Ladder


  • Durable heavy-duty aluminum, resistant to harsh marine conditions
  • The square tubing frame gives it a sturdy build for support
  • 17 inches wide, deep step for easy climbing
  • Lighter than many other ladders makes it easier to handle
  • The easy-fitting mounting clip design makes installation and placement a breeze


  • They did not include mounting screws for the clips

A useful ladder to have on hand is the Extreme Max Pontoon/Dock Ladder. It has a solid and sturdy build because it is made of heavy-duty square-tube aluminum. It is easy to hold onto, and boarding is made simpler by the deep and wide steps. It has a functional yet unusual mounting system as well.

This ladder’s mounting clips are very simple to install. I was dubious when they said the installation only takes five minutes. But it really is that easy. Not necessarily five minutes, but not much longer. A small amount of mounting space is also required.

The mounting clips are included, but sadly not all of the installation hardware. It functions as quick-release mounting brackets because it uses clips. The 4-step ladder weighs 8 lbs, which is less than most removable boat ladders.

Hoffen Telescopic Stainless Steel Ladder

Hoffen Telescopic Stainless Steel Ladder


  • Nylon bushings applied to each section keeps deployment stable and smooth
  • Comes with a velcro strap for securing it when folded
  • Handle 900lbs of weight with firm telescoping steps
  • The marine-grade stainless steel frame gives it a sturdy build
  • Comes with an anti-slip vinyl tread for safety
  • Telescopic design: sleek and stylish and space-saving


  • Its 10-inch width may present a problem for bigger people

The next item on our list is a stainless steel Hoffen platform telescopic ladder. This ladder has four steps and boasts a number of features in addition to a number of other characteristics that are typical of the best boat ladders.

This telescopic ladder is entirely made of marine-grade stainless steel and feels more than capable of supporting 900 pounds of weight, though I wouldn’t suggest testing it. It is 10 inches wide and 45 inches long, so it strikes a good balance between being compact and user-friendly.

This ladder is more comfortable to climb because the steps are deeper than I typically see on most ladders. When folded, it is just 10 inches wide, which leaves enough room for two hands while still keeping the platform clear. As an added safety measure, each step has vinyl tread that is anti-slip and padded.

Amarine Made Stainless Steel Boat Ladder

Amarine Made Stainless Steel Boat Ladder


  • Beautiful-looking polish does not ruin the nice boat look
  • Nice telescopic design (reaching 45 inches) is space-saving
  • Stable enough with 12-inch wide construction
  • Offers 900 lbs weight capacity
  • Has a very sturdy and secure frame with anti-slip vinyl treads for added safety
  • Easy to assemble and install using a hinged bracket


  • Bolts needed for installation are not included though mounting screws are

This attractive 4-step boat ladder from Amarine Made has a premium finish and a strong, durable frame made of stainless steel. As effective as it looks, its sturdy construction feels equally as strong.

It is much simpler to climb the ladder because it is 45 inches long and can reach the water. With enough room for both hands, its 12-inch width is wide enough for the majority of users to use it without difficulty.

Each step feels safe and prevents slipping thanks to the black vinyl tread. Overall, using it feels very secure and stable. Although I doubt most people would need such a high weight limit, this ladder has a 900 lb weight capacity, so it’s good to know that it has a sizable buffer.

Even though installation is required, it can be completed in under an hour by someone with little to no assembly experience. The biggest issue you might encounter is the lack of included bolts, which are needed for installation.

RecPro Removable Boarding Boat Ladder

RecPro Removable Boarding Boat Ladder


  • Removable ladder, usable in many points with additional mounting hardware
  • 5-inch deep step for comfortable stepping
  • Handle 300 lbs without collapsing
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum to withstand marine conditions
  • All installation materials included in the package


  • Large and bulky size limits its use to only larger boats

The RecPro 5-step detachable boat ladder has the appearance and weight of a genuine heavy-duty ladder. It has wide, deep steps and functions admirably as both a dock ladder and a boat ladder for safe boarding. Additionally, it works well with pontoons due to its slight angle.

This ladder, which is made entirely of anodized aluminum, feels stable. I haven’t found a ladder step that is as comfortable as this one’s 5-inch deep step in a very long time. I believe the 300 lb weight limit is because it is a removable ladder because the secure frame holds very well.

Similar to the majority of removable ladders, you can attach the additional mounting hardware to a number of different points on your boat and use it with any of those points. The mounting unit is also simple to install, especially since the ladder comes with everything we need.

RecPro Removable Boarding Ladder AL-A4

RecPro Removable Boarding Ladder AL-A4


  • Used on pontoons and docks
  • Made of sturdy, aluminum that is sure to last
  • Carries weight up to 300 pounds
  • Has two-year replacement
  • Has a slight angle for easy climbing
  • Can be easily pulled out of the water


  • Some sharp edges for piling
  • Time-consuming assembly

I am so happy that this product is now on my front deck! You’re free to hang it on the side of the boat as well.

Without requiring bottom support, the hang-free design is practical. As a result, it is a hook ladder that can be attached to a floating dock. I’ve witnessed some people doing it. As it doesn’t submerge, there are no issues with its stability. It works well when installed on a small in-ground pool.

This ladder, in my opinion, has the right angle and can support tall handrails for convenient boarding. My grandparents have no trouble climbing up and down my pontoon because of this. Legs and feet pain is not necessary for them to endure.

XGear 4-Steps Pontoon Boat Ladder

XGear 4-Steps Pontoon Boat Ladder


  • Has wonderful curved handles for easy getting on and out of the pontoon
  • Suitable for the elderly and divers with gear
  • Has non-skid step threads to prevent slipping
  • Used on pool and shore with no dock
  • Robust, durable, and non-corrosive
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • More effort on bolting for fiberglass pontoon

This swim ladder is the perfect solution if you’re looking for handles that are higher than usual. What I adore most about this ladder are the curved boarding handrails.

Because it’s simple to hold onto the ladder and pull yourself up, getting in and out of the pontoon is simpler. It allows my 65-year-old grandma to participate in our pontoon adventures, which makes me happy.

Fin divers who are used to carrying a lot of gear will definitely enjoy this. They need safety and comfort the most when returning to the pontoon. This dive ladder’s non-skid step treads provide these crucial elements. You no longer need to worry about falling back into the water because the likelihood of slipping is reduced.

CO-Z Collapsible Pool Ladder

CO-Z Collapsible Pool Ladder


  • Has resistance against temperature, corrosion, dents, and cracks
  • Made of premium, heavy-duty material
  • Has solid footing and curved handrails for a secure grip
  • Can be permanent or movable
  • Uses on pools, pontoons, kayaks, and smalls sailboats


  • Broken plastic latch upon arrival of package

I’m a big guy, so I place a lot of importance on a sturdy pontoon ladder. Additionally, it’s for the protection of my passengers. That this product performs as promised makes me happy. I learned how durable its 304 stainless steel construction is after using it consistently.

It is a pontoon ladder that extends and retracts and is corrosion- and temperature-resistant. I’m no longer concerned about dents and cracks.

With a 330-pound weight capacity, it should come as no surprise. The premium, robust material used to make this hook ladder also encourages the manufacturer to offer a warranty.

DasMarine Folding Telescoping Inboard Ladder

DasMarine Folding Telescoping Inboard Ladder


  • Heavy duty and can carry up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Has a unique universal design without needing any support
  • Wide steps and good handrails for safety, comfort, and easy boarding
  • No hard time when mounting it on the deck
  • Steps can be closed for storage


  • Washers and other necessary mounting parts need to be bought separately

You can count on this robust material in large part because it is made of welded 316 stainless steel. Despite the lack of any support, the structure is made even stronger by its distinctive, universal design. As a result, entering and exiting the water and walking on land are both simple. Being heavy is not a problem because it can support 400 pounds.

Its telescoping wide steps make me feel secure. These components also produce a modern aesthetic appeal. Comfort and straightforward boarding are additional benefits. With four steps, it’s tall enough, and with the handrails, it makes an awesome boat boarding ladder!

Buyer’s Guide to Choose Ladders for Pontoon Boats

Before we discuss the best ladders, let me give you some general advice that you should abide by before selecting the best boarding ladder for you.

Ladder Material

Pontoon boat step ladders are an example of a marine accessory that should always be dependable. The material of the ladder should be durable and able to support the weight. Just picture the catastrophe that could result if it fails in the middle of your ascent. Accidents can be avoided by making sure the ladder is sturdy.

The best materials for pontoon ladder construction are aluminum and stainless steel. These materials are thought to be resistant to rust and corrosion. When using a pontoon and other vessels, exposure to water is unavoidable. As a result, you shouldn’t discount the notion of checking the materials.

Always choose products made of stainless steel or aluminum. These materials will make ladders that will last you a very long time.

best pontoon boat ladders


Construction should also be taken into account in order to completely ensure safety and toughness. For instance, if the construction is flawed, an item with good materials may still be considered substandard.

To ensure that every user is safe, the best pontoon boat ladders are well-welded and angled. In order to keep you safe when entering and exiting your pontoon, keep in mind that you need a boat ladder. Therefore, give the ladders’ construction some consideration.

Number of Steps and the Length

The notion that a ladder will be longer the more steps it has may be held by some beginners. But this isn’t always the case. The length of the ladders is unchanged even though some businesses increase the number of steps. Think in the opposite direction and measure the total length of the ladder.

It should be long enough to extend deeply into the water. Everyone can climb more easily and conveniently thanks to this setup.

Size of Steps

The size of the ladder’s steps can be used to gauge how stable it is before you climb it. When climbing a ladder, maintaining your body’s equilibrium is crucial. Unfortunately, when you’re moving along narrow steps, this factor can change. The steps on the pontoon boat ladders must be wide.

Wide ladder steps, however, increase the amount of contact your feet have with the steps you take and can put users in danger of injury. Manufacturers are aware of this issue and have added a protective covering to the steps to increase friction.

best pontoon boat ladders

It might be more expensive to buy pontoon boat ladders with makeshift steps. Your safety is ensured, though, by the cost you incur. When it keeps you safe from harm and danger, money is meaningless.

Weight Capacity

Depending on why a pontoon boat ladder is being used, the ideal weight capacity will be determined. If it’s used for kids, you can get away with a small capacity. If heavy people will be using the ladder, choose one that is more durable. Typical ones hold 250 pounds, but if overweight people use them, it won’t be enough.

Invest in a boat ladder with a weight capacity of 300 or 400 pounds for safety. Purchasing something with a weight capacity of more than 400 pounds is not practical because doing so would only make it heavier.

Permanent Or Removable

Ladders for pontoon boats can be installed or removed depending on the situation. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options that you must consider.

A ladder that is permanently installed saves time and space on your boat. Given that the ladder material is unreliable, frequent contact with water could cause corrosion. Its application varies because it is fixed at a specific location. It might need to be mounted in a variety of places, like side mount ladders. Certain adjustments are necessary depending on the situation.

As they can be mounted in various positions, however, removable boat pontoon ladders are more convenient. In order to prevent it from getting wet, you can store it. But it typically occupies a lot of room. For some obvious reason, it might be problematic for smaller pontoons or other boats.

How to Mount Your Pontoon Boarding Ladder?

You will need to mount or attach it to your boat, assuming you now have a good idea of the type you intend to purchase.

The location of the ladder is another choice you will have to make if you purchase a permanently fixed ladder. Even though you might plan to put it on the diving platform, they might actually be at the bow or stern of the vessel.

Someone recently inquired about the possibility of mounting a ladder to the front of the pontoon in choppy or windy conditions. This has never been a problem in my personal pontoon boating experience.

best pontoon boat ladders

So with that in mind, there are 3 different places you can mount your ladder:

  1. On the bow
  2. On the stern entry
  3. On the gunwale

If you decide to mount yours on the bow, you have two additional options: you can either install an under-mount ladder that fits between the two pontoons or if you have a diving platform, a ladder with a detachable hook.

A boarding ladder may also be positioned at the stern on the side of an engine. It’s a great location if you enjoy water skiing and tubing because it’s simple for riders to get back on board after their ride, which is great if they’ve been bouncing around on the water for a while.

The gunwale option is the last one. These ladders, which are also known as side-mount ladders, attach to the side of the pontoon above the gunwale, usually where the boat has at least one side entrance gate.


How Can I Stop Folding Ladders from Slipping?

To prevent it from slipping, bungee the folding ladder. As you are aware, the stability of the ladder can be impacted by boat movements.

How to Clean Polished Stainless Steel Ladders?

Ensure that you thoroughly clean the ladder. You can navigate corners and angles using a toothbrush. Any stain can be eliminated using marine cleaner or wax. If the need arises, you could also polish the ladder.

Is There a Ladder to Extend Your Boat’s Ladder?

A boat ladder extension is available, but using one can be dangerous. It is challenging to trust the figures that come with your ladder because a ladder’s capacity and durability are taken into account along with its length and the use of extensions.

How Much Weight Will a Boat Ladder Hold?

Although ladders of the same type typically have the same weight limit, weight capacities for ladders vary. The lowest weight capacity, typically 300 lbs, applies to removable boat ladders. Contrarily, the weight limit of folding ladders is typically between 600 and 900 lbs.

Conclusion: Choose the One You Prefer

There are many good boat ladders on the market right now, but picking the best boat ladder will help you handle your situation more effectively. In addition to boat ladders, you can use the search box above to look up other cabin accessories like boat flags or boat gifts.

You should have some great ideas and inspiration about what to buy and why after reading this article on the top ladders for pontoons.

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