Can You Wakesurf Behind A Pontoon Boat? Of Course!

Wakesurfing is a fun sport where you ride the wakes of boats while still attached to the boat. Wake surfing has gained a lot more popularity in recent years, and more and more people are experimenting with its possibilities and potential.

Can you Wakeboard behind a pontoon boat then? The answer is that as long as you have a powerful outboard motor and some weights, you can surf behind any boat you choose.

Pontoon Boat

A boat with a flat deck and two independent hulls are known as a pontoon boat. To provide more stability so that you can stand up and move around easily, there are two distinct hulls. The fishing seats, rod holders, rod boxes, insulated coolers, and other fishing-related features that can be added to these boats make them very popular with anglers.

Pontoon boats are fairly typical boats for cruising around on the water in both saltwater and freshwater. They have evolved over time. They are ideal for lounging on the water with your friends because they can occasionally hold up to 16 people. You won’t be dissatisfied with the speed since pontoon boats can reach speeds of up to 25 mph.

Since outboard motors are typically included with pontoon boats, you can experiment with the options to move your pontoon boat in freshwater or saltwater and to increase the speed if you like.

They frequently have movable decks so you can customize your pontoon boat’s layout, face the seats in any direction you like, and add as many features as you like.

Pontoon Boat

Advantages Of Pontoon Surf Boats

  • Ideal for families due to the extra space you receive.
  • fantastic for leisure activities besides Wakeboarding. These boats are excellent for tubing, fishing, and relaxing.
  • These boats are frequently simpler to operate and keep up with.
  • If you’re looking for a wake surf boat that will last, a pontoon boat might be a great choice for you because they’re known as fantastic boats for durability.
  • Unquestionably one of the most comfortable types of boats is pontoons.
  • Storage. Lack of additional storage space is no longer a problem when Wakeboarding.

How Can A Pontoon Boat Create A Bigger Wake

Adding more weight to the rear of your boat will frequently result in larger wakes. A longer wave will result from adding weight to the front of your hull, while a taller wave will result from adding weight to the back of your hull.

It’s crucial to remember that Wakeboarding behind a pontoon boat that isn’t designed for the purpose isn’t a good idea. This is due to the lack of inboard motors on the majority of surf boats.

Can A Pontoon Boat Support A Surfer

Pontoon boats can tow a person in the water, however, before you do this you will likely need to increase the horsepower

Pontoon boats are designed for cruising, so they shouldn’t be expected to go faster than 10 to 25 miles per hour. The pontoon simply isn’t strong enough to pull you behind, even though you only need to Wakeboard at about 10 mph to be effective. Because they are so light, pontoon boats can float higher above the water.

The key to Wakeboarding is to have enough weight on the back of the boat to keep the motor partially submerged. By doing this, the boat can produce a wake that is large enough to surf on.

A Pontoon boat sits so high in the first place that even if you did weigh down the rear, it wouldn’t be enough to submerge the motor far enough to produce a wake.

How To Make Your Pontoon Boat As A Wakeboard

You must first add a tow bar to your pontoon boat in order to make it better suited for Wakeboarding. This is a common feature on Wakeboard boats that enables the surfer to attach to the back of the craft and gives them motion so they can easily move back and forth without worrying about the rope getting tangled in the motor, which could happen if you simply tie a rope to the craft’s back.

Purchase some ballast bags next, which is what you should do. Wakeboard boats previously had removable ballast bags, which are bags filled with water that add weight to the boat wherever you need it before weight systems were introduced. You can still use ballast bags on your pontoon as well as other types of boats because they are still readily available. You can effectively create a wake that is large enough for someone to surf or board on by adding some ballast bags to the back and either side of your pontoon boat, depending on how you want the wake to look.

A wake tower is a different improvement you should make to your pontoon boat. The two points can be raised for the Wakeboarder thanks to the fact that this is designed specifically for Wakeboarding. This will prevent the tow rope from pulling the Wakeboarder down as it would if it were tied lower, giving them more lift and, consequently, more air.


Can you surf behind a pontoon boat? Yes, you can, is the response. There is currently a lot of false information spread about this subject, and some people will claim that it is not feasible due to safety reasons.

The fact is that contemporary boat manufacturers are developing secure inboard drive engines that give you the performance and features of a reliable wake surf boat while enabling you to wake surf safely.

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