How Do Bait Boats Work: 6 Tips To Choose A Good Bait Boat

Fishing these days is very an awful lot targeted on technology, with a lot of contemporary tools that have entered the market and located their way to the banks. Bait boats are an ideal instance of the current wave of science in fishing. Bait boats are among the most interesting bits of clever fishing equipment you’ll likely ever get to purchase. This essay will tell you a simple understanding of bait boats.

What Are Bait Boats

Bait boats are small remote-controlled boats that carry your patches, as well as your end attack and hook bait to a specific point on a complaint venue. Their destination is generally a moreover hard to approach or a veritably distant fishing spot, which hence can be reached from land, thanks to this device.

What Are Bait Boats Used For

As the name so aptly suggests, a bait boat is used for carrying and delivering your bait to a specific point in your venue.

Bait, in this regard, implies anything from hook bait, loose feed, patches, and boilies, to the hook bait itself.

So, you can moreover use it for pure baiting purposes and/ or to deliver both a cargo of gifts and your terminal attack with your hook bait to a precise spot anywhere on the lake.

While numerous anglers use a bait boat for bare pre-baiting purposes, simply because it’s a more accessible and faster way to get a large volume of feed out into your intended syncope, there is also a plenitude of complaint fishers who shoot out their equipages on a bait boat.

The ultimate makes the utmost sense on really big lakes where long-distance fishing is your only option.

How Do Bait Boats Work

Still, except they’re boats, all bait boats are operated by a remote- control handset that pilot the boat to where you want it to go, If you have ever used a remote-controlled auto before they’re veritably analogous. Hoppers on the boats hold your carriage and bait, and they’re opened by the handset to deliver your equipment and free immolations to the exact spot you want. Some boats have an autopilot function with which you can preset a route and hopper as you like on the app(similar to CatchX bait boat). still, simply pass your carriage up underneath the housing and into one of the hoppers, closing the door will hold your hairpiece securely in place, If your model doesn’t have that point. It’s important to steer in a straight line as possible as tight turns could beget your main line to distraction under your boat.

How Far Can Bait Boats Go

The faraway vary of most bait boats is between 300 and 500m, relying on the sign strength, battery power, and viable boundaries between the boat and the remote.

But as stated above, such distances have to absolutely be avoided, and so the variety of far-flung signs isn’t all that important.

Should You Use Bait Boats On A Windy Day

As utmost bait boat models are enough feather light, you shouldn’t use them in wind and surge performances above a position 3 or 4.

Not only could you lose your precious weight on the way out, but the boat could literally sink and be lost to the depths of the venue you’re fishing on.

How Much Do Bait Boats Cost

As there’s such a wide variety of bait boats with different sizes and all feathers of features, their prices vary a lot as well.

Utmost boat models of decent quality will bring anything between£ 150 and£ 400, but there are high-end bait boats out there that go for as important as£ 1500, and more!

What Type Of Battery Is Needed For Bait Boats

One of the high-quality price range bait boats is the WW SHIP Intelligent Fishing Bait Boat. This is a mannequin that is flawlessly desirable for smaller portions of feed and shorter fishing sessions.

Here are its fundamental features:

  • Loading capacity: 1.2-1.5kg
  • Built-in 5200 mah battery, lasts for 2-3 hours
  • Efficient and smooth movement on the water
  • 5-speed levels
  • Dual motor
  • The upgraded and improved three-bladed propeller
  • Sensitive control
  • Powerful ejection type
  • Night light design: 2 headlights, designed for night fishing
  • Remote range 400-500m

How To Choose The Right Bait Boat

Propeller VS Jet Propulsion

A Propeller is an external outboard motor, whilst sport propulsion uses internal spurts to propel the boat. spurt propulsion on CatchX is considered superior as they’re generally briskly, quieter, and therefore stealthier, as well as being effective over rampant terrain.


Thinking about the type of conditions you’ll be using the boat in could save you in the long run when it comes to size and design. Generally, high models fare more on surge-prone venues but are more susceptible to wind conditions. Obviously, size also goods the bait capacity, but some boats have the capability to carry bait and equipment in separate chambers and this is clearly worth considering if you use multiple rods scrabbled in different locales( similar to CatchX). Size is also important when it comes to PORTABILITY as some models are much bigger than others.


If your layout is out fishing, specifically in massive venues then you ought to take into account the various unique bait boats can reach. This can differ dramatically (from about 100m to over 1500 meters) and the remaining factor any angler wishes is their boat cruising off uncontrollably into the distance!

Battery Usage

Some bait boats use a lot greater battery than others and can run out of strength quickly. Energy furnish to recharge at the venue is no longer generally an option, so it’s well worth thinking about that for some bait boats you can get photo voltaic chargers, extraordinarily beneficial when down by way of a venue for a lengthy session.

Added Extras

For some models, you can buy extras that bring further functionality to the table. GPS systems, Echo Finder Attachments, and solar dishes, make it easier to find the fish, drop baits in exactly the same spots, collude out the features in the water, and keep your boat powered and ready for action.

Problems & Servicing

Depending upon your confidence and engineering chops, some people might like to take a hands-on approach to fix a fault with their bait boat, particularly if they’re formerly at the venue.

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