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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Boat?

Vinyl boat wraps provide a stunningly affordable method of marketing a commercial brand with eye-catching color imagery. But exactly what is a boat wrap, and how much does it cost? A 14-foot boat can have a vinyl boat wrap installed for around $1,400; prices go up from there. More information about boat wrap is available in this article.

What Is A Vinyl Boat Wrap

A pressure-sensitive, protective piece of vinyl is used to wrap a boat’s exterior.

There are many uses for vinyl wraps. They’re a very simple way to spruce up a boat, especially if you want to use the outside of your fishing boat as a marketing panel for your company’s graphics and logos.

If you want to preserve the hull’s natural finish, vinyl wraps are also nice. For when they sell the boat, lots of people like to keep the white finish underneath. It’s simple and won’t affect the boat’s resale value to temporarily decorate it with a vinyl wrap.

A vinyl wrap is the best option if you want to change the appearance of your boat every few years. If you plan to have it redone every few years, traditional paintwork will be significantly more expensive.

However, a vinyl wrap will be significantly less expensive since you only need to peel off the old one and reapply the new one. Additionally, wrapping your boat’s entire hull is significantly more expensive than wrapping just a portion of it.

Size and boat type will both be important factors. Wrapping a massive pontoon boat will be more expensive than wrapping a small speed boat. Any intricate graphics or high-definition accents will also drive up the price of the boat wrap.

How Much Would It Cost To Wrap A Boat?

For a 14-foot boat, the starting price for a vinyl boat wrap is around $1,400; prices go up from there. Depending on the boat’s size, type, wrap size, and level of detail, the price will rise.

Generally speaking, boat wrapping is much less expensive than painting a boat. About a third less than repainting a boat would cost for a vinyl boat wrap, according to estimates. This makes it a desirable option for older boats that require a facelift but might not be worth the cost of a thorough rehab.

Factors That Affect Boat Wrap Costs

Boat Size

The cost of your boat wrap is primarily influenced by this. You’ll spend more money to complete the exercise if your boat is larger.

Rather than using square footage, many wrap installers base their quotes on feet. The earlier illustration of a 14″ boat wrap costing approximately $1,400 is only a rough estimate.

Boat Type

The type of your boat is important in addition to its size. Is it a cabin cruiser, a speedboat, or a bass boat? Because of its contours, the complexity of its wrapping, and the quantity of wrap it requires, the type of boat has a significant impact on price.

wrap a boat

Consider how you would wrap a present. It will be relatively simple to wrap a gift that is rectangular or regular in shape. However, the corners and crevices can make the wrapping exercise challenging if your gift has an irregular shape. Boats follow the same principle.

For instance, a thorough wrap for an 18-foot catamaran might cost around $2,400. An 18-foot center console fishing boat might cost you about $1,800 to wrap. It could cost you $3,000 or more to wrap a 24-foot speedboat in vinyl.

Keep in mind that vinyl has specific width specifications. More money will be spent on wrapping a larger boat.

Wrap Detail & Design

Do you want to wrap your boat completely or partially? The price of your vinyl boat wrap depends on its size. For example, the price will be half as much if you’re only wrapping the front half of your boat. The precise figures can differ from installer to installer, but it’s typically a calculation based on common sense.

The majority of businesses will select graphics to promote their brand personalities or values.

Installing a wrap with a single color saves money compared to one with graphics. The price, however, varies depending on the expert you hire.

To find out more, speak to your neighborhood installer. You can choose between stock and custom options with many installers. Even better, you can create your signature look online.


You should consider boat wrapping as an investment. Therefore, it is essential to hire a qualified installer to complete this project. The best option is to search online for a qualified expert list and hire a reputable local expert.

Additionally, search for a licensed installer who only works for specific vinyl producers. Such a specialist has a designation on the website as well as a list of recommendations.

Be aware that the cost of vinyl boat wraps will vary depending on the qualifications and reputation of the installer and the area in which you live.

Quality Of Wrap

Boat wrapping is an investment that should pay for itself over time. For your project, whether it involves a full or partial wrap, make sure to hire a skilled installer.

Your project will receive the best services possible if you hire a reputable installer. The good news is that the websites of vinyl manufacturers often contain lists of skilled installers.

Additionally, a lot of seasoned installers will advertise their products and services as being preferred by different vinyl producers and certified installers. To give yourself a little more peace of mind before hiring them, look for this designation and recommendation on their websites.

Extra Costs

You will need to hire an installer to customize your design if you lack skill. For that service, you will need to pay anywhere between $60 and $95 per hour. Additional costs will result from expedited wraps.

How Long Does A Vinyl Wrap Last

It’s somewhat foggy as to the exact length of a vinyl wrap’s life, but they tend to last anywhere from 3-8 years.

Of course, how well a vinyl wrap is maintained and the precise requirements specified by the manufacturer determine how long it will last. Better vinyl will last longer than cheaper vinyl.

Vinyl wraps are prone to scratches and dents when docking, so it’s advised to get a fender or soft bumper covers to drop down the sides to protect the vinyl. If you keep your boat in the water, marine plants and fungi are likely to grow over time as well.

You wouldn’t have to worry too much about a minor accident because many vinyl wrappers will give customers a repair kit to fix up any minor scratches. even have warranties included. However, try to avoid cleaning your wrap with harsh chemicals. You should only use a mild soap to avoid damaging the wrap.

Your vinyl wrap’s durability is also influenced by the caliber of the production and installation. If you want your boat to last longer than 2 or 3 seasons, it’s crucial to have it wrapped by skilled professionals.

Final Words

In addition to being very simple to customize, vinyl wraps are ideal for giving your boat a new look. It is a long-lasting choice that doesn’t require a laborious installation process or specialized maintenance.

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